Vincenzi syrups are prepared from first-quality refined sugar, flavoured with natural flavourings and, in the case of fruit syrups, with natural juice.

Vincenzi syrups

Vincenzi have always focused on quality, using natural flavourings and dyes. Their syrups have been produced in the same way since 1930. Peppermint from Piedmont is widely known as the best on the market. Bottles are decorated with hand-made watercolors by Italian artist Barbara Fantaguzzi.

Vincenzi syrups are gluten free, and do not contain glucose

Caramel syrup


Hazelnut syrup


Amaretto syrup


Gingerbread syrup


Chocolate syrup


Almond milk syrup

Almond milk

Blackcherry syrup

Blackcherry cherry

Strawberry syrup


Raspberry syrup


Blueberry syrup


Kiwi syrup


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We work with Small & Mid-Size producers, that have attention on processes and source and quality of ingredients. Our products are made with natural ingredients and in most of the cases without preservatives, for some categories where possible we choose organic productions.

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